Geotek Solutions (established as Geotek Services Limited in 1994) is a specialist geotechnical consultancy based in Manukau, with extensive experience in geotechnical investigations and design for land and building development, ranging from small to large projects, throughout the greater Auckland area as well as provinces further afield.


Our primary aim is to provide dependable advice through thorough analysis which requires assessing each site and the accompanying development proposals on its own merits.  Through this site specific approach, we believe we can best deliver engineering value to our clients, whilst still appropriately mitigating risk.


Geotek places huge importance on client relationships and strives to provide practical solutions to varying geotechnical challenges.


In recent years, we have become accustomed to the ever-increasing challenges of land and building development in Auckland and we continue to offer our unique experience and deliver technical versatility to a wide range of challenging sites and projects.  


We have a wide range of clients including private individuals, builders, land developers and local government.


Its current technical staff comprise a wide range of engineers and geologists headed up by a Chartered Professional Engineer and two Senior Engineering Geologists with combined geotechnical experience in excess of 50 years.